Mains Pressure

See Some Of Our Range Of Stainless Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Most modern house builds in New Zealand feature mains pressure hot water, which is usually delivered by a stainless steel hot water cylinder. There are many benefits of using a stainless steel mains pressure hot water cylinder such as the majority of new tap-ware options are rated only for mains pressure. Picking this type of hot water cylinder will open up a number of new options for you in terms of picking taps and fittings in the future.

You will also enjoy a marked increase in shower pressure (especially in upstairs bathrooms) and have less of a wait for your shower, bath or taps to heat up. At Cylinder Guy we have a comprehensive range of stainless mains pressure hot water cylinders, and can advise you on the best option for your needs. We stock leading brands including Rinnai, Rheem, and Peter Cocks.

Rinnai Range

Solar and heat pump compatible Duplex Stainless Steel cylinders. Future proof connections and with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

135L Rinnai

135 L Rinnai Mains Pressure

550mm wide X 1023mm high
3kW Element

180L Rinnai

180 L Rinnai Mains Pressure

550mm wide X 1292mm high
3kw Element

250L Rinnai

250 L Rinnai Mains Pressure

550mm wide x 1726mm high
3kw element

300L Rinnai

300 L Rinnai Mains Pressure

550mm wide x 2047mm high
3kw element

Rheem Stainless Mains Pressure cylinders (Indoor/Outdoor)

Stainless Steel with Colour-steel exterior, 10 YEAR WARRANTY and ‘future-proof’ connections for hot water heat pump & solar.

135L – Rheem Cylinder

488mm wide X 1350mm high
3kW Element

180L – Rheem Cylinder

488mm wide X 1770mm high
3kW Element

250L – Rheem Cylinder

580mm wide X 1610mm high
3kW Element

300L – Rheem Cylinder

580mm wide X 1850mm high
3kW Element