Our Hot Water Cylinder Range

At Cylinder Guy we offer a large range of hot water cylinders and water heating solutions (as well as repair services for your existing cylinder).

On this page you'll find a handy guide to the cylinder range that we offer.

We aim to have the best hot water cylinder prices in New Zealand. If you find a cheaper price for the same model we will pay you the difference - that is our unbeatable price guarantee. Call us on 0800 234 800 for a free quote and to get full pricing information.

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Stainless Mains Pressure Cylinders

In for the long haul? Most Rinnai stainless mains pressure hot water cylinders come with a 10-year warranty. This is applies to a wide range of Rinnai hot water cylinders NZ-wide. There are cylinders available in a range of sizes to suit most homes or businesses.

Other models include Peter Cocks range of the Silver Bullet hot water cylinders. Models vary from mains with wetback and solar coils. Plus Rheem’s range of mains pressure hot water cylinders

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Low Pressure Cylinders

If your circumstances require the use of a low pressure hot water cylinder, then Cylinder Guy can help you source the right model and get it installed for you.

By using a low pressure cylinder you reduce your hot water usage, saving you money.

See our range of low pressure cylinders

Gas hot water systemGas Cylinders & Water Heating

Gas hot water systems are increasingly popular for their instantaneous delivery of hot water, and reduced monthly electricity bills. If you want a total overhaul of your water heating system, then gas heating could be the option for you.

Learn more about the gas hot water systems that we offer

Outdoor hot water cylinderOutdoor Cylinders

Cylinder Guy stocks a large range of outdoor hot water cylinders – the benefit of this setup is that you can save space inside your house. New model outdoor cylinders are also far more efficient than you might think, and can be a great way to get the hot water supply you want with the smallest internal footprint possible.

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Solar Hot Water Cylinders  –  Including a 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

At The Cylinder Guy we believe in the future of Solar Hot Water Heating. As such most of our range of Hot Water Cylinders are Solar ready. If you have specific requirements around solar feel free to give us a call however you will find most of our High Pressure Hot Water Cylinders will work perfectly.

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Wetback Hot Water Cylinders

Wetback Hot Water Cylinders

We provide a full range of Wetback Hot Water Cylinders both Low and Mains Pressure. We can help you choose the right model for your requirements.

See our full range of wetback cylinders

AquafireAquafire Heat Pump

Worried about the cost of running your hot water cylinder? For real savings, we recommend installing an Aquafire hot water heat pump. By installing an Aquafire hot water heat pump to your existing or new hot water cylinder, your power bill can be reduced by up to 30% as an Aquafire is 3x more efficient than the electric element.

Learn more about the Aquafire heat pump solution